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You Will Be A Truly Classy Individual When You Learn To Tie These 7 Tie Knots


Tying a tie is something we should all know how to do. However, when put on the spot, some of us can’t remember how to do so, or maybe never learned at all. A tie signifies formality, elegance, and style. Knowing how to tie a knot correctly is important in allowing your style to speak for itself. A tie can be statement, and you have to make sure it’s making the statement you want it to make.

There are many different ways to tie a tie. Some know one or two; others know them all. We’ll start with the basics.

1.) Simple Knot – This is your basic tie knot. It has only a few steps and is the easiest to learn. It is recommended that novice tie-tiers start here.


2.) Half Windsor Knot – Slightly smaller than the full Windsor knot. A distinguishing feature of this particular knot is a deep dimple when tied correctly.


3.) Windsor Knot – This knot is named for the Duke of Windsor, who preferred a wide, triangular tie. It’s one of the larger knots you can tie, and it’s a classic.


4.) Bow Tie – I think I know only two people who know how to tie the mysterious bow tie. Respective of the event, this can be a fun or a classy tie. Learn how to tie this knot, and you’ll be a hero before many a cocktail party.


These next few are for the advanced tie-tiers out there — those who are bored with the basics and want to move on to the next level. Be prepared: these aren’t your averages tie knots.

5.) Eldridge Knot – This will take some practice, seeing as it is one of the more complicated knots you can tie. You’ll know for sure that you’ll show-up anyone wearing the average tie knot.

(Patrick Novotny/Youtube)

6.) Fishbone Knot – Though it doesn’t have the most flattering name, this knot has a beautiful pattern that will make a good impression and an elegant statement.

(Patrick Novotny/Youtube)

7.) Trinity Knot – Though it may not look too difficult at first glance, this simple-looking knot has some complicated steps. The result is a simple but elegant knot that it is well worth the effort to master.

(Patrick Novotny/Youtube)

Now that you know these different knots, you no longer have to be afraid of tying a tie. Be sure show off your new skills at your next formal event, and good luck!

(via: ties.com / smokingpopes.net)


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