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What Happened To One Family’s Baby Monitor Will Make You Paranoid For Life


Ashley Stanley is a professional nanny in the Houston area, and as such, she’s not easily startled. But when he she heard a disembodied voice talking to her and her 1-year-old charge Samantha, she was understandably spooked.

Stanley says she was changing Samantha’s diaper when she noticed strange noises coming from somewhere near the crib. Upon closer investigation, she found that a man’s voice was coming from the WiFi security camera that the family had placed in Samantha’s room.

Soon, the noises turned into words. The voice from the security camera began talking to Stanley and commenting on what she was doing.

“They kept telling me that it’s a cute baby and ‘wow that is a poopy diaper,'” said Stanley. “I was like, ‘My goodness, are they watching me like right now?” That’s when Stanley unplugged the camera, where it has remains powered down.

The camera is a security precaution and lets Samantha’s parents to check in on their child throughout the day using their smart phones. While the camera is connected to the family’s WiFi, their network is password protected. It’s unclear exactly how the hacker was able to obtain access to the camera.

(source: KPRCThe Daily Mail)

If the hacker is caught, they could face federal and state charges for intercepting electronic communications. For right now, though, the camera will remain unplugged until Samantha’s family can get to the bottom of this.


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